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Decoration Services

In the cosmetics and personal care industries, decorations are essential and critical to the success of a product. BESTPAK offers a complete in-house decorating facility that is dedicated to servicing our customers to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Complete with our design team, we will work hand in hand with you in developing the perfect design for your packaging.


BESTPAK now has created a one- stop shop to serve you, our customers, to complete your product’s look. From packaging designs down to decorations, we make sure that your product will stand out amongst the competition


High Speed Printing:

With the latest technology and equipment, BESTPAK can offer high- speed printing to service your decoration needs. We utilize quick UV drying paints to cut down on curing time without sacrificing quality


Hot Foil Stamping:

BESTPAK offers Hot Foil Stamping and ensures high quality stamping and banding of bottles, tottles and periphery banding of caps. This look helps attain a high – end and glossy look to your product.


Spray Coating:

Now offering spray-coating services to help color your containers differently.

We can ensure that with this process, your colored products will have a unique look and finish.


Sticker Labelling:

With an in- house developed sticker label machine, BESTPAK now offers roll- fed, oriented sticker labeling for various sizes. Our machines are engineered for accuracy and high repeatability to ensure wrap around labeling for bottles and jars


Shrink Labelling:

BESTPAK utilizes an oven that can shrink a 360-degree wrap around label for your bottles using full- bodied shrink sleeve labels.


Stay updated with the latest news and offers from Bestpak. Contact our sales representatives to learn more about our products and services.

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