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Decoration Services

In the cosmetics and personal care industries, decorations are essential and critical to the success of a product. BESTPAK offers a complete in-house decorating facility that is dedicated to servicing our customers to achieve their aesthetic goals.

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PET Bottle with Trigger Spray Supplier


As an established PET bottle manufacturer in the Philippines, BESTPAK is an industry leader in professional packing solutions. Our products are ideal for various applications, and have been well-received by numerous and reputable clients in the field of cosmetics, fragrances, pharmaceutics, personal care, household use, and food and beverage.

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Glass bottles supplier

4 Key Steps to Consider for your Packaging

We offer the widest range of packaging such as PET and glass bottles, pump spray, gel pump, roll-ons, caps, and many more. With the vast number of possibilities of combinations you may encounter as you choose your packaging solution, it may be too overwhelming for some to be able to focus on what packaging needs they really need for their product. With that, here are a few easy steps that you may follow in choosing, be it a plastic bottle with pump spray, glass roll-on bottle, jar with sealer, and more.

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