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We provide customer-driven PACKAGING SOLUTIONS

Starting as a one-product company in 1956, Bestpak has evolved into a multi-product and multi-service packaging business with manufacturing facilities in three Philippine locations. We specialize in the production and decoration of high-quality plastic bottles, jars, tottles, and closures for the beauty, cosmetics, fragrances, and personal care markets in the Philippines. We use technologically advanced production and decoration methods in our newly upgraded state-of-the-art factory, while achieving the highest standards of quality in our products, our services, and our ability to provide real-time customized solutions. We are also exclusively partnered with leading companies in Asia and Europe, which enable us to offer our customers endless options to suit their individual requirements.

In a consumer-driven environment distinctive packaging is vital, and we offer unrivalled expertise in developing packaging solutions for markets where quality and style are critical to a product’s success. We are the leading supplier of packaging in the Philippines supplying the biggest range of plastic bottles, plastic jars, tottles, closures, caps, glass bottles, and pumps. Beyond the cosmetics and personal care industries, our product lines have likewise diversified into the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, household and chemical markets.

We are the number one supplier of choice for packaging for many of the country’s leading beauty brands, offering the most complete range of packaging solutions in the Philippines.


To be the BEST supplier in the Philippines’ cosmetics and personal care packaging industry, and a major player in the food and beverage, home care, and pharmaceutical packaging markets across all customer levels - from small and medium to large.


To ensure our customers' success by providing customer-driven, innovative, and quality packaging solutions on-time, efficiently, with competitive pricing and long term consistent value.


In all our relationships, we demonstrate our steadfast commitment to:


We pursue excellence and ensure quality in our products and vision. Likewise, we develop novel working methods and routines by being creative, flexible, and proactive in seeking new knowledge.


We do things simply and effectively, relentlessly pursuing a more efficient way to do everything we undertake — and effectively delivering with appropriate costs, speed, and quality.


Customer success leads to our success. To succeed, we will work with our customers to help them become winners, too. Similarly, we recognize our people working together as our competitive advantage. We learn and share ideas, while being accountable for every aspect of our work.


We want to build a successful business model that encompasses the needs of our customers, shareholders, and employees. We aim for a sustainable company that will not only last through generations, but leave positive impacts on industries and societies.


We are committed to celebrating small successes in our journey to achieve big.

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