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4 Key Steps to Consider for your Packaging

We offer the widest range of packaging such as PET and glass bottles, pump spray, gel pump, roll-ons, caps, and many more. With the vast number of possibilities of combinations you may encounter as you choose your packaging solution, it may be too overwhelming for some to be able to focus on what packaging needs they really need for their product. With that, here are a few easy steps that you may follow in choosing, be it a plastic bottle with pump spray, glass roll-on bottle, jar with sealer, and more.



It may seem easy to choose the right packaging you need for your product. You may seem so sure that a particular design is what you want, but you must always bear in mind that want does not necessarily equate to need.  Knowing what the content of your product is of key importance. This may seem obvious but one may end up having their contents having reactions to the material of the container or have them end up using the wrong dispensing system.



This goes hand in hand with the first step. Knowing what your contents are made of will help, but one must always check if the content is compatible with the packaging one is planning to use. It is always wise to buy in small quantities first to test your contents’ compatibility with our packaging materials before jumping the gun and buying bulk.



Once the hard part is over, it becomes more fun as we move forward. Now it’s time to flex those creative muscles and see what combinations you can come up with. Using our diverse collection of designs, the possibilities are immeasurable. We only hope you enjoy the process of creating the right look.



To cap off your plastic or glass bottle, we have a variety of caps, closures and dispensing systems to choose from. From something as simple as a screw cap, to something as essential as pump spray, to something as functional as a lotion pump, we have it. Always remember that the right closure will yield the best results.


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