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We are prominently active in professional PET packaging for cosmetics, fragrances, personal care, pharmaceutical, home care, and food and beverage products.  We combine our expertise with the latest technology in PET manufacturing to produce high-quality, innovative, and customizable packaging solutions.  Our PET containers reflect this care in their sharp body definition, accurate wall distribution, high gloss, clean neck and surface finish, as well as crystal clarity.

We have the largest range of standard PET packaging in the Philippines. Our PET bottles come with various sizes and designs to enable our clients to choose the perfect packaging of their products. Here is our selection of stock molds, which we can customize according to your specifications.

20ml Boston PET Bottle
50ml Boston PET Bottle
65ml Boston PET Bottle
100ml Boston PET Bottle
120ml Boston PET Bottle
150ml Boston PET Bottle
200ml Boston PET Bottle
250ml Boston PET Bottle
250ml Boston PET Bottle
300ml Boston PET Bottle
400ml Boston PET Bottle
500ml Boston PET Bottle
500ml Boston PET Bottle
50ml Butterfly PET Bottle
100ml Butterfly PET Bottle
200ml Butterfly PET Bottle
500ml Butterfly PET Bottle
1000ml Butterfly PET Bottle
50ml Colonia PET Bottle


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